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~ Deep Sea Fishing ~

The Lovely Martha anywhere inside or outside the Golden Gate, from the San Mateo to Marin coasts or straight out to the Farallon Islands. Other species such as rock cod or halibut may be sought.

A group of fishermen can get together and charter (or "rent") the Lovely Martha for a day of fishing. A company can offer a charter as a reward to valued employees.

Aboard the Lovely Martha, first-timers & seasoned anglers alike will enjoy everything a Party Boat fishing trip out to sea has to offer.

Prices are based on the number of people and the length of the trip. Please call for information.

If needed, all you have to do is arrive wearing warm clothes and packing a lunch. All appropriate licenses, equipment and tackle for the fish we are seeking are available for rental and/or purchase onboard.

captain frank rescino
captain mike rescino

bob ford and his big limit of king salmon aboard the lovely martha
Bob Ford with his big limit.

Since 1908

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