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All the tackle you need for fishing San Francisco waters is INCLUDED in your sport fishing trip!

Fishing in the San Francisco ocean and bay waters offers many species of fish. The Lovely Martha primarily seeks Salmon, typically in the 10 to 30 pound range up to 50 pounds. Most of the fishing in this area involves fish of this size range, or fishing conditions that require suitably strong gear and tackle (such as deep-water rock cod fishing).

If you bring your own gear, trolling rods and reels should be stout enough to pull 2 or 3 pound lead balls. Mooching (drifting) rods should be sensitive enough to feel the fish nibbling a bait or lure.

Anchovies are the predominant bait and are supplied on the boat. If you prefer something else you should bring it along. Hooks are usually in the 4/0 to 6/0 size range.

Many fisherman prefer artificial lures, including Apex, Gitzit, Hoochies, Krocodiles and Needlefish, plus a host of local favorites.

Experienced fisherman may use their favorite tackle and gear. Others may find everything they need onboard.

Everyone is welcome to call or Email to ask what is working best around the time you are going out.

captain frank rescino
captain mike rescino

tackle, licenses and cleaning are available to all
We have all the tackle you need, and we'll clean your fish too.


  • Rod Rental: Included
  • One Day Licence: Purchase Online
  • Bait & Tackle: Included
  • Salmon Trolling Weights: Not Included

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